Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is Feldenkrais ?

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education is a unique holistic approach to wellness, addressing many concerns like: movement difficulties, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, and stress relief. It uses gentle touch and subtle movement to ease tension throughout your whole body. It improves posture, balance and breathing and reduces difficulties stemming from neuromuscular disorder, brain damage, cerebral palsy and other issues affecting the brain, emotions and nervous system. It also helps athletes, dancers, musicians and performers improve their performance.

Is this Body work?

Yes.  The full title of this practice is The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education. Somatic means "of the body."

I just had surgery. Can Feldenkrais help me?

Absolutely. Once you are rested, Feldenkrais can be used much like physical therapy.

I have an old injury that still bothers me. Can Feldenkrais help?

Yes. Feldenkrais can improve the way you feel and move even when it is an old injury and you feel like you've tried everything.

I already do sports/yoga/pilates. Why Should I do Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrais can only help you.  Feldenkrais makes connections in the body that help to improve efficiency and awareness improving performance in all physical realms.

I do yoga. Is FELDENKRAIS Different or Better?

Feldenkrais teaches awareness and attention revealing insights about yourself including how you move and breath, even how you think. Although this may sound similar to yoga, it is a completely different practice.  Try it. You may like it. You can use Feldenkrais to deepen your yoga practice.

Is Feldenkrais an exercise?  I tried an ATM class and I didn't even break a sweat.

No, you will not break a sweat in a Feldenkrais ATM class, but if you are interested in movement, mechanics, and sensory puzzles, you may have some fun!

Does Feldenkrais make you more flexible?

Yes, but not like traditional stretching. You will feel more loose and free. Remember everyone's experience is unique.

Is this new age healing work?

Only if you want it to be.  It can be used as a daily practice like yoga, dance or swimming. For some people it is a movement therapy or physical rehabilitation. It's very personal and very practical. Some people find it very emotional, spiritual and healing.  

Can Feldenkrais help neurological and motor dysfunction? 

Yes. Feldenkrais works on integrating the whole self, finding new connections in the nervous system and reconnecting lost connections.  Feldenkrais exploits differences in left/right side body function. As a result, this changes brain function leading to a better working whole.

I have more questions. 

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