Movement of the pelvis is essential for a healthy spine

Movement of the pelvis is essential for a healthy spine

Through her practice of Feldenkrais, Zoe was able to help me sleep again! I had been suffering from chronic back pain for 2 years, and been waking up...every night in pain. I tried Western medicine and acupuncture, but neither seemed to work. The night following our first treatment, I remember having a dream of a stick figure lying down with a straight spine, and I didn't wake up once in pain. Zoe helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable. I have been pain-free for months now!

Hannah Abbey, social worker


Feldenkrais can be subtle, but can also contribute to profound changes in your life. My daughter and I saw Zoe regularly for a period of about a year. We found relief, guidance, and personal growth during that time. Sometimes after a session my body would feel completely different, it would feel so great, more open and with more mobility, but it didn’t always last. Part of the process is letting go of judgment and paying attention.

Abigail Hill, artist and mother


Feldenkrais is a true hidden treasure. Absolute potential is tapped into and we emerge as a baby with no regrets and no fear. Zoe's mastery lies in her balanced combination of intuition and understanding of human movement. I can say firsthand that my experience with her transformed me and I could not more grateful.

Elizabeth Merida, Yoga instructor and choreographer


Sitting is a necessity of modern life. Not being able to sit for long periods of time has been a hindrance to me personally and professionally. Since working with Zoe in ongoing FI sessions for the past half year, sitting is becoming a skill rather than a chore. Each week when we end our session, Zoe guides me in a full motion of getting up from a seated position. Now I do this every time I get up from a chair, protecting myself from injury. I can now sit through two-hour classes and movies comfortably!

Lisa Tannenbaum, museum consultant


My first session with Zoe left me feeling more balanced...than I have in years. There was an immediate freedom in my legs, groundedness through my feet that I'd been struggling to regain on my own for a long time. I highly recommend working with Zoe. She is attentive and intuitive and her space is warm and inviting.

Lisa Bonfilio, massage therapist, dancer and actress


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