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Individual Lessons: Functional Integration  (FI)  catered to each individual's unique needs. Previous clients include: babies needing help with developmental milestones, babies and youth with Autism, adults with CP, Dementia, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, arthritis and autoimmune disorders, individuals recovering from major injuries: herniated disks, frozen shoulders, balance issues or other physical difficulties causing regular day to day activities to become difficult, such as walking, cleaning, driving, cooking, or working at a computer. If you have questions simply call: 054-862-4650

An Individual lesson is 200.00 NIS for a full hour.  Group lessons and workshops are available upon request.

Workshop will be developed specifically for your organization, dance company, school or university, wellness retreat, convention, sports team or retirement community.

Past workshops include: 

Building Confidence: Change Your Body Change Your Mind

Dynamic Sitting: Learn to Sit Comfortably- Longer

Using the Force: An Exploration of Momentum and Movement

Self-Use for Body Workers: Giving Body Work with Ease and Intention

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