In 2011 I became a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner after completing the 800 hour Feldenkrais Training Program (3.5 years) taught by David Zemach-Bersin at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York. By 2009 I was already teaching Awareness Through Movement (ATM) at the Feldenkrais Institute, Dance New Amsterdam, Mark Morris and Union Street Dance and began teaching Functional Integration (FI) at the Institute upon graduating.

Before that, I received a B.S. in Anthropology from Tulane University in 2001 and in 2004, I moved to NYC to pursue my dance career. I continued to dance, performing nationally and abroad until 2015 when I moved to Israel. In Israel I work at Cupat Cholim Clalit in several supplemental health care clinics while maintaining a private practice. I have worked with varied populations ranging from babies to the elderly, from individuals curious about movement to individuals with varied aches and pains, brain injuries, accidents, and congenital diseases affecting motor function.

I am always struck by how much can be exchanged between two people without even having a conversation. I think that was why I was drawn to anthropology and it is certainly why I continue to dance. It is also why I love teaching the Feldenkrais Method. My trust in the body's innate wisdom led me to The Feldenkrais Method. I love working with my students and watching them improve their quality of life.

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